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We demand justice for Mike Brown and the citizens of Ferguson. We are engaging our region’s 
youth with a safe and relevant platform to voice their thoughts and ideas and turn them into 
constructive action and justice. Theirs are the most important voices. 
Furthermore, to empower the people of Ferguson, we call for the following: 

• By September 30, 2014, a full and impartial investigation will be underway, supervised 
by the United States Department of Justice, and pending the outcomes, the swift and 
transparent prosecution of any and all officers involved in the killing of Michael Brown. 

• By January 31, 2015, recruit and hire at least 10 more African American law enforcement 
officials in Ferguson. 

• There will be a significant decrease in racial profiling in Ferguson, which will be 
indicated in the annual United States Attorney General Report. 

• To be established by June 30, 2015, a civilian police review board that has oversight 
powers over police officials (i.e. the power to independently review and constrain 
decisions that lead to militarization of our tax-funded policing community, and the power 
to mandate community policing strategies). 

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